Web Video

Video Marketing

Web video can be a tremendously powerful strategy for increasing links to your website, increasing link click throughs and increasing brand awareness via social media video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Not all message content necessarily lends itself to video as a format. But where it does, it coveys the message far more powerfully than could ever be possible as text or as a static image. Consider the now famous “Does it blend” video series? Sure you could write a blog post about what it looks like to shred an iPhone5 in a blender. Or you can take a static photo.

Or you could do this, post it on YouTube and get over 3 million hits! That’s 3 million people exposed to your product brand.

Video production can be achieved any number of ways depending on your budget and what level of quality you want to achieve. You can ask a colleague to record you with a simple flip video camera which will cost a couple of hundred dollars. Alternatively you could spend tens of thousands on TV commercial quality clips. There is a wide scope in between.

Product videos are a powerful way to bridge the customer gap between interest and conversion. In just a few minutes of footage you can communicate all the hard facts about your product features and specs but also empathize with the customer’s particular needs.

Videos which are deployed using appropriate video SEO techniques will appear as a thumbnail in your Google listing and significantly increase your click through and conversion rate.

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine. If you are serious about having an SEO strategy you should be considering having a YouTube channel and your own branded video presence.

So why not contact Tokyo Web Designs and ask us about web video production and video SEO. We can help you through all the stages of conception, planning, production and deployment.