Standards-schmandards? – Valid website coding


At Tokyo Web Designs we are continually surprised by the number of websites we see which appear to have been put together with no regard to valid web standards. This is disappointing, considering that it isn`t really hard to do so and the benefits of “clean” coding practices are potentially great.

Future proofing your site

The world wide web is a rapidly evolving environment with new browsers and browser versions quickly coming into use and older ones becoming obsolete. Adopting valid web standards is the best way of ensuring that the website which works well on today’s browsers will continue to do so into the future. Websites built to non-standard coding practices are more likely to break or behave in unpredictable ways which means future expense to you as a web site owner.

Search engines love “clean” code

If a search engine like Google has trouble interpreting the code on your site, in all likelihood it won`t get indexed properly. That means lower search ranking results than you would have got with validated web code.


Users with disabilities often rely on screen reader devices to access web sites. Non-valid code may create problems for people using such devices.

We recommend that you choose a professional web page developer who takes pride in producing clean, validating website code in accordance with the W3C standards.