SEO Link Building

In-bound Links

What is SEO link building?

SEO link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a page. Search engines like Google view inbound links to your page as votes of approval that your site offers authoritative content. Not all links are weighed equally though. A single “strong” link from one site might be worth a hundred “weak” links from other sites.

What kind of inbound links are valuable for SEO?

The more “popular” and well established the sites linking to you, the better. If your site has an inbound link from IBM, that will weigh more significantly in the ranking algorithm than say a link from “Joe’s Computer Shack”.

Similarly the anchor text used is an important signal to Google about the relevance of your page. If your site is about selling Hawaii holiday packages, it would be advantageous if the inbound link to your site contained the anchor text keywords “Hawaii holidays”.

As you can imagine a lot of so called “SEO experts” will try to game the system by leveraging “link farms”. Vast arrays of spam websites automatically generated with the sole purpose of creating SEO worthy links. However Google is well aware that such scams exist so it penalizes websites that contain numerous links to or from link farms.

Google also measures the “freshness” of incoming links. It values links from pages that were newly created, or newly updated over older, static, “stale” links. SEO professionals refer to this as the search engine FreshRank factor.

Although links from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter matter less, it is still believed that incoming links from such sites can have an influence on page ranking.

So why not contact Tokyo Web Designs today and ask us about what techniques we can apply to build your incoming links. A successful link building campaign over time will lead to much better search engine (SEO) rankings and therefore more visitor traffic. We can help with building links to both English and Japanese websites.