Pay Per Click Marketing

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What is pay-per-click marketing?

One of the quickest and most easily measurable ways of driving traffic to your website is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

Most web users are familiar with how search engines work. When a user types a combination of “keywords” into their search engine, Google will return a list of websites which it thinks best matches that query.

However, most search engines such as Google also list “paid” text links. These are links which should have at least “some” relevance to the key word search but the defining feature of paid text links is that whenever a visitor clicks on one of them, the owner of the link (the advertiser) is charged by the search engine.

pay per click marketing

How much does pay-per-click marketing cost?

The main determinant of how much each “click” costs is the amount of competition for any given set of keywords. For popular and high yielding searches like “Tokyo real estate for sale” you can expect to pay more than for less popular and low yielding keywords.

Some other factors of lesser importance are:
1) How effective is the “click through rate” for each of those ads.
2) How much time do visitors spend on the destination page and website domain after they arrive.
3) How much “authority” does the destination website domain have in Google’s index of websites.

So the cost per click will be a dynamic figure, which Google adjusts in real time based on all of the above information.

The amount of money you, as the advertiser, are willing to spend can be easily controlled. You are able to set a daily budget limit on how much your campaign will cost.

So why not contact Tokyo Web Designs today so that we can research relevant keyword combinations, create compelling text ads and build conversion optimized landing pages to turn clicks into sales and sign ups. We can create PPC ads in both English and Japanese. We have proven experience in helping drive visitor traffic to your site with an effective pay-per-click marketing campaign.