On-Page SEO and GWT

Search Engine Optimization

How do I get to the top of Google’s search results?

Everyone would like their site to be listed number one in the world’s main search engine for their targeted keyword combinations. Being number one brings disproportionately more traffic than all the lower ranked listings. According to one report, being ranked #1 brings 8.5 times as much traffic as being listed #5 on Google’s search engine results page.

So how can you get your website to the top of the pile? Well the bad news is that it does take time and a bit of hard work. The good news is that many factors for reaching the goal are totally within your control.

on page seo

Search engines like Google issue similar sets of guidelines about what on-page elements they factor into their search engine algorithms to determine search engine results. Simple things like using keyword friendly URLs, using keyword friendly title tags and heading tags all contribute to better rankings as they help Google to determine what your page is really about and if it is a good match for what any prospective search engine user is looking for.

What is a Google Webmaster Tools Account?

In addition, Google encourages all website owners to create a Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) account to directly communicate critical information about their site to the search engine company. Using Webmaster Tools you can specify things like which directories or sub domains on your site are relevant for any given language.

You can also take advantage of other tools like the Data Highlighter to tell Google about patterns of structured data on your site, which Google then uses to display your links in meaningful and click-optimized ways.

Why not contact Tokyo Web Designs today to see what we can do to improve your website SEO performance with an On-Page SEO tune up and apply some GWT techniques. We can help you get closer to that illusive #1 search engine ranking.