Content Marketing

Keyword Rich Content

What is content marketing?

The idea of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by creating and curating relevant and valuable content.

Search engines like Google favor websites that contain articles, news, reports and even videos pertaining to whatever keywords a search user enters. Google gives more ranking favoritism to pages containing longer, weighty articles about topics. It also favors recent postings over older ones. They believe that the more “fresh content” you have to show, the more of an authority your site must be on a given topic. After all, Google’s business model is to keep visitors coming back by serving up “authority” websites to match search engine user requests. With recent search algorithm updates Google has indicted they prefer website articles they same way you prefer hamburgers, fresh and meaty!


How can I use content marketing techniques?

What does that mean for website owners? Well, in short, start writing! If you have an online shop that sells “blue left handed widgets”, starting posting to your blog page about “10 tips on maintaining blue left handed widgets”. Whatever it is that you do, think about what expertise you have that could solve real world problems people are having. If those same people search for a solution and find your article, you are on the path to gaining a new customer.

But what if you are just not very good at writing or don’t have the time to post a weekly blog tip? That’s where we can help. Tokyo Web Designs can arrange for professional copy writers to work with you, do the necessary research and post regular fresh content to your blog feed that will attract customers and make Google fall in love with your site. We can also create info graphics in any language to share on your site. Why not contact us today to find out how we can arrange English or Japanese content marketing for your online store or website.