Tips and tricks for website owners


Alignment plays an important role in taking your site designs from amateur to professional level.  When your content is arranged in well defined columns it significantly increases usability and visual appeal. In web design, everything from the bigger elements, such as the header, content, navigation, and footer, to the inside elements, like paragraphs, ads, text […]

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Repetition of design creates a sense of familiarity for the end user or viewer. It gives the person a feeling of control over the design itself by allowing them to believe they know what to expect every time they click a link or flip the page. It also can be used to control where users […]

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Good contrast can make sites appear crisp and organized, whereas poor contrast blends the content into mush. Contrasting elements allow for the user to figure out which page areas are related and which are totally separate, so be sure to differentiate your elements and page sections. Contrast attracts attention to important content. Contrast is the […]

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PrestaShop – 12 Tips to importing a CSV file

Prestashop is a powerful, popular and easy to use open source ecommerce solution for small to medium size businesses. Out of the box it comes with many essential features that would be difficult and/or expensive to create from scratch. One of the handy tools available to website owners is the ability to create a table […]

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100+ PhotoShop Keyboard Shortcuts

  Props to Deke McClelland (PhotoShop guru) for producing the above.…tips-5-minutes In case you can’t keep up the pace the transcript is below PLUS a few bonus extra tips. Enjoy!   #1: Wanna copy a layer? I say jump it: Ctrl+J. You a Mac user? Awesome. #2: When I say Ctrl, press Cmd, the […]

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20 Best Premium PrestaShop Modules

Prestashop is a great ecommerce solution for most medium size businesses. It comes with more flexibility and features that can easily be achieved from CMS driven online shopping platforms such as WordPress/WooCommerce or Drupal/Ubercart. Yet at the same time it has a relatively lightweight code base and simple file architecture unlike more industrial scale solutions […]

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Is Your Website Blocked In China?

We recently had a client mention that his Chinese customers could not access his website. He asked if it was because the site is hosted in the USA. The answer is, in a word, no.  Whether or not a site is blocked by the Great Firewall of China (GFW) has nothing to do with the […]

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PayPal Standard configuration tips

To receive payments to your PayPal account you will of course need your website set up correctly but also have your PayPal Business Account configured correctly. The following configuration settings have been successful for us across a number of different websites using the same PayPal Standard account. Here are four important things to check if […]

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21 May, 2012, Written by 0 comment

How to Set Up Thunderbird Mail Client

  10 Steps to Set Up Thunderbird Mail Client Here are the highlights for setting up Thunderbird 10 for IMAP SSL with your hosting account provider. It is assumed that you have already created email accounts on your host using CPanel tools or similar. 1) Download and install Thunderbird . This will install the necessary […]

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How to add jQuery to Joomla

Joomla is one of the top three most popular open source content management systems (CMS) in use on the Web. Unfortunately, it’s default JavaScript library is Mootools, whereas the most popular library for most designers is jQuery. But despair not. It is quite easy to add jQuery into your into your Joomla site and start […]

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