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How to Set Up Thunderbird Mail Client

22 April, 2012, Written by 0 comment


10 Steps to Set Up Thunderbird Mail Client

Here are the highlights for setting up Thunderbird 10 for IMAP SSL with your hosting account provider.
It is assumed that you have already created email accounts on your host using CPanel tools or similar.

1) Download and install Thunderbird .

This will install the necessary software on your computer.

2) Launch the Thunderbird application and click on Local Folder

3) Click Create New Account

4) Enter “YOUR NAME: BigKahuna”, “EMAIL:” , “PASSWORD: 123mypwd”

5) Click Continue

6) A message will appear saying “trying common server names” or similar

7) You should have a choice between IMAP and POP3. Usually you want to go for IMAP  but if you are curious you can find out more about the differences here:

8 Click Manual Config

9) Change the settings so it looks like this:
Incoming IMAP PORT 993 SSL/TLS Normal Password
Outgoing SMTP PORT 465 SSL/TLS Normal Password
and importantly make sure your USERNAME is the full email address e.g.

10) Click “Done”

You may be asked to confirm the security certificate. It’s a good idea to do so and check the “remember this security exception” box. You should have an account created within Thunderbird and all your necessary folders including inbox and sent box.

Things to check:

a) Click on “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” and make sure the Port is 465 and connection security is SSL/TLS
b) Click on “Copies and Folders” and make sure a copy of your sent mail is being saved back on your server, NOT to Local folder (unless you have a good reason for doing so).

That should be it.
Try it out. Test sending and receiving. Play with the options.

Note: Thunderbird might offer some “common settings” but you should choose “manual setup” to get the config correct, as per above.

If you are still confused, check out these resources:…v=1LWJEPYaVI8#!…nt-imap-access

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