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Tokyo Web Designs is owned by 有限会社GLC .  Why not contact us now for a free quote?

Compass Offices Japan K.K.
Level 7, Toranomon 40 MT Building,
5-13-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

This is what our clients are saying …

“Easily approachable, extremely talented, innovative and responsive. Tokyo Web Designs welcomed my thoughts and cooperated well with my ideas.” – Megumi Paul, FocalEd

“I had a great experience working with Tokyo Web Designs. I appreciated their customized, attentive, and supportive service. They responded to all questions and requests promptly and professionally. I am very satisfied with the end result. Highly recommended!” – Karen Haedrich, Freelance Narrator & Writer

“Their insight into the Japanese market and web principles was very helpful, and I highly recommend Tokyo Web Designs to any business or individual looking for an online presence in Japan.” – Ben Sembler, Owner, Amerika Bouken 

“We were really happy with Tokyo Web Designs as our partner in planning, creating and maintaining our Japan-Finland 100 diplomatic anniversary website for 2019. Everything during our cooperation went smoothly and flexibly, and we were really satisfied with the end result. A professional and skillful service provider which we are happy to recommend!” – Embassy of Finland, Tokyo 

“Not only did they do a great creative job on the design itself, but also worked very quickly and efficiently at all stages of the process, constantly providing excellent support and feedback throughout.” – Alex Lund, Author 

“We have been looking for the perfect web development partner for a long time, and we have found it! You will get the whole package with all the services customized 100% to your needs. You don’t have to worry about deadlines, because they will be met. ” – Marton Lendvai, CEO, Too International Co., Ltd.

“Everything was explained to us along the way and at every step we were provided with creative options to choose from plus give our own input. We really felt like a partner from the start to the finish of the project.” – Jeffrey Allen Consulting

“Tokyo Web Designs not only helped us with all our requests, but also provided us with some very good suggestions on how to improve the look and impact of the site. It was a pleasure working with them and we appreciate all the hard work they put into our project.” – Darren Halliday, Sales & Marketing Manager, MacMillan Language House

“They created exactly what we wanted. No fuss and no bother. They created a clean, simple, Internet shop front that worked. Now we are able to give potential customers easy access to our business and information to generate sales.” – Cliff Lugton, Director, Parts Agent Australia

“With all the other challenges we had in preparing for our transition into selling online, this was one area which was stress-free. For foreigners in Japan looking to start an online store, I would recommend looking no further than Tokyo Web Designs.” – The Flying Pieman

“Working with Tokyo Web Design was an excellent experience. They really helped me with the entire process of building my website and offered great suggestions and insight into what is needed for success. The project was also completed much quicker than other companies had quoted.” – Lachlan Carter, Owner, Blue Line Exports

“From early development to the launch of the site, Tokyo Web Designs has been a wonderful sparring partner – making our ideas come true and offering great advice which improved the final result. The follow-up has also been amazing and Tokyo Web Designs has offered awesome support for our site, even months after the project was delivered.” – Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo

“The after service has been amazing. A video tutorial was provided to me 100% free of charge as a follow up.  Our decision to choose Tokyo Web Designs was the right one and I am enjoying what they produced for us.” – Zacharie Mabitiga, Director of Applied Science and Computer Science Publications

“Always good, solid advice. Well thought through designs and usability. Our site turned out to be exactly what we wanted and the feedback we have received to date proves we are on the right track. – Craig Kirkwood, Country Manager, HRExperts